I like fitness things.

Motivation for me, and hopefully for you, too.

Ask me about fitness things!  

Alright, now I’m gettin’ brave. Here’s some before and during’s!

The before’s were taken in mid-August, the first time I decided I wanted to lose weight. I was at or a little above 140. Once fall semester started, well, that fell through and I pretty much stayed around 140 for the semester, maybe dipping a little bit every now a then and probably packing in a few extra towards the end (finals were ROUGH).

The during’s were taken today! I am now about 130, perhaps a little less. It’s so exciting to look at these pictures and really see a difference. I still want to go further, now particularly in regards to toning up.

Ahhh guys I’m so happy! I’ve accomplished something I never thought I could!


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